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Unwind with the extraordinary Fuji, where tranquillity meets potency. Crafted from the legendary Larry OG and Kurple Fantasy, it features a very nice frost orange hair that smells very citrusy and sweet. This slightly Indica-dominant hybrid offers a serene escape into blissful relaxation. With high THC levels, it’s your perfect nightcap for deep rest or a peaceful retreat from stress. Experience the soothing embrace of Fuji — where every session is a journey to ultimate calm.

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Fuji, sometimes referred to as “Fuji OG” or “Fuji Kush,” emerges as a distinguished hybrid strain, leaning slightly towards the indica side with a 60% Indica and 40% sativa composition. This strain is born from the union of Larry OG and Kurple Fantasy, inheriting a rich lineage that pays homage to its OG Kush ancestor. It stands out for its generously sized buds and a potent high that is especially appealing to those who favour indica’s calming embrace.

The experience of Fuji begins subtly, with a gradual onset that tenderly envelops both mind and body in waves of relaxation. Initially, the high presents itself as a gentle, physical relaxation, but don’t be deceived by its soft start; the intensity amplifies over time, leading to a state of deep sedation and couch-lock. This soothing journey is accompanied by a joyful, albeit unfocused, haze that makes it an excellent choice for evening or nighttime use.

With THC levels ranging between 21-24%, Fuji is particularly effective for those seeking relief from various ailments. It shines as a remedy for insomnia, providing the tranquillity needed for a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, its powerful calming effects are beneficial for individuals dealing with depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and fatigue, offering a respite from the burdens of such conditions.

The flavour profile of Fuji is characterized by its classic spicy and floral notes, complemented by a subtle earthiness upon exhale. Its aroma follows suit, with spicy floral scents mingling with fresh earth and a hint of pungency, all wrapped up with a woody undertone. The visual appeal of Fuji is just as captivating, with spade-shaped forest green nugs adorned with dark amber hairs and enveloped in a lavish coat of milky amber crystal trichomes, signalling its potency and quality.

In summary, Fuji is a beautifully balanced hybrid that captures the essence of its OG heritage, offering both recreational and medicinal users a potent and deeply relaxing experience. Its blend of soothing effects, rich flavours, and therapeutic benefits make it a noteworthy addition to the cannabis community.

Key Characteristics:

  • Genetics: Hybrid (60% Indica / 40% sativa); a cross between Larry OG and Kurple Fantasy.
  • Ancestry: Descendant of the OG Kush strain.
  • THC Levels: High, ranging from 21-24%.
  • Effects:
    • Begins with a gradual, creeping onset.
    • Leads to deep relaxation, couch-lock, and sedation.
    • Produces a happy, unfocused state ideal for nighttime use.
  • Medical Uses:
    • Suitable for treating insomnia, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, and chronic fatigue.
  • Flavour: Classic spicy and floral taste with an earthy exhale.
  • Aroma: Spicy flowers and fresh earth with a hint of pungency, accented by a woody overtone.
  • Appearance:
    • Spade-shaped forest green nugs.
    • Dark amber hairs.
    • Thick frosty coating of milky amber crystal trichomes.
  • Ideal For: Indica lovers seeking potent effects and those in need of relief from certain medical conditions.

Consumption Advice:

When consuming Fuji, or any cannabis strain with high THC levels, consider the following advice to ensure a positive and safe experience:

Start Low and Go Slow

  • Begin with a small amount, especially if you’re new to cannabis or this particular strain. High-THC strains like Fuji can have potent effects.
  • Wait and assess how you feel after the initial consumption before deciding whether to consume more. It can take time for the full effects to manifest, especially with edibles.

Choose the Right Time and Setting

  • Given its sedative effects, consume Fuji during the evening or when you do not have responsibilities shortly afterward. It’s best suited for relaxation and winding down.
  • Ensure you’re in a comfortable, safe environment where you can fully relax and not be interrupted.

Be Mindful of Consumption Methods

  • Smoking or vaping provides more immediate effects, making it easier to gauge how much you should consume based on your tolerance and desired experience.
  • If opting for edibles, be extra cautious with dosage due to the delayed onset of effects, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Stay Hydrated

  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after consumption to avoid dry mouth and stay hydrated.

Have Support if Needed

  • If it’s your first time trying Fuji or if you’re experimenting with a higher dose than usual, consider having a friend with you. They can assist if you experience discomfort or anxiety.

Be Aware of Potential Side Effects

  • Common side effects may include dry eyes, dry mouth, and in some cases, feelings of anxiety or paranoia, particularly in individuals not accustomed to high-THC strains.
  • If you experience uncomfortable side effects, try to stay calm, drink water, and distract yourself with a movie, music, or light activity until the effects lessen.

Consider Medical Use

  • If using Fuji for medical reasons such as insomnia or anxiety, monitor your symptoms to determine the effectiveness and adjust dosage as needed with guidance from a health professional familiar with cannabis use.

Remember, everyone’s body chemistry is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Listening to your body and adjusting accordingly is key to a positive cannabis experience.


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