One Up Raspberry Dark Chocolate

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Discover the sublime blend of bold dark chocolate and zesty raspberry with our One Up Raspberry Dark Chocolate Psilocybin Bar. Perfectly balanced for both newcomers and connoisseurs, each piece offers 290 mg of the finest psilocybin, totaling 3.5 g for the entire bar. Luxuriate in the sophisticated, bittersweet harmony of flavours while embarking on a journey of clarity and transcendence. Conveniently segmented for precise dosing, this artisanal chocolate bar provides an elegant, discreet way to elevate your mental and spiritual well-being. Transform your perspective with every bite of this exquisite, mind-enhancing delicacy.

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One Up Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar

Indulge in the luxurious fusion of rich dark chocolate and tangy raspberry with the One Up Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar. Each sumptuous piece is thoughtfully crafted to deliver a consistent dose of 290 mg of premium psilocybin, allowing for precise control and an unparalleled experience.

Taste the Euphoria: Savor the decadent blend of natural raspberry flavor and velvety dark chocolate that entices the palate with its smooth, bittersweet symphony.

Premium Psilocybin: With a full bar containing 3.5 g of high-quality psilocybin, this chocolate bar is designed for both microdosing enthusiasts and those seeking a more profound journey.

Consistent Dosing: Divided into 12 pieces, our chocolate bar makes dosing simple and accurate for your convenience and peace of mind.

Discreet & Delicious: Experience the benefits of psilocybin in a discreet and delectable form, perfect for on-the-go or as a treat during your moments of relaxation.

Artisanal Quality: Crafted with care, our chocolates are made using only the finest ingredients, ensuring a pure, unadulterated experience.

Elevate your senses and explore new dimensions with One Up Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar—the ultimate blend of taste, quality, and consistency.

Disclaimer: Responsible Use of Psilocybin

We believe in providing information to ensure a safe and responsible exploration of psilocybin. Please read the following disclaimer before consuming the One Up Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar:

  • Potential Risks: Psilocybin can induce intense psychological experiences. Individuals with a history of mental health issues, including psychosis, should avoid its use. Pregnant or nursing individuals should abstain from consuming psilocybin.
  • Set and Setting: The environment and mindset in which you consume psilocybin can greatly impact the experience. Choose a comfortable, safe, and familiar space, preferably with trusted individuals. A positive mindset and clear intentions are important.
  • Start Low, Go Slow: Begin with a low dose to gauge your sensitivity and reaction to psilocybin. Gradually increase the dosage in subsequent sessions if desired. Taking too much can lead to overwhelming experiences.
  • Integration: Allow time for integration after the experience. Reflect on your journey, discussing it with supportive individuals or seeking professional guidance if needed.
  • Supportive Environment: Surround yourself with trusted friends or experienced trip sitters who can provide reassurance and guidance during your psilocybin experience.

Remember, psilocybin is a powerful substance that should be approached with respect and caution. By adhering to these guidelines, you can maximize the potential for a positive and transformative experience.


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