Pegasus 420 Litty Bites Bubblegum Hybrid Indica/Sativa Gummies

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Discover the bliss with Pegasus 420’s Litty Bites Bubblegum Hybrid Gummies. Each pack delivers 600 mg of pure THC joy, with every gummy offering a potent 60 mg dose. Made for those seeking flavor and euphoria, “Taste the Bliss” in every bite. Start low, go slow, and embark on a delightful journey responsibly. For adults only – store securely.

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Litty Bites Bubblegum Hybrid Indica/Sativa Gummies by Pegasus 420

Step into a delightful fusion of flavour and euphoria with Litty Bites Bubblegum Hybrid Indica/Sativa Gummies by Pegasus 420. Each package offers a blissful escape, containing 600 mg of THC, crafted to ensure that every moment is filled with joy. Embrace the motto, “Taste the Bliss,” as these gummies are designed not just to tantalize the taste buds but to elevate the entire experience.

Perfect for those who cherish the finer things in life, Litty Bites are made with pure distillate cannabis oil, ensuring a clean, potent, and consistent dosage of 60 mg per gummy. Whether looking to relax after a taxing day or enhance the atmosphere of social gatherings, these bubblegum-flavoured delights are the ticket to a memorable and blissful journey.

Health Warning

Cannabis edibles offer a responsible choice for adults seeking an alternative consumption method. However, caution is advised:

  • Start Low and Go Slow: Given their potency, it’s recommended to begin with a fraction of a gummy and wait at least 2 hours before considering more. This approach helps gauge tolerance and ensures an enjoyable experience.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets: These gummies may look inviting but are strictly for adult use. Ensure they are stored in a secure, inaccessible location.
  • Not Suitable for Everyone: Pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with heart conditions, or those on certain medications should avoid cannabis products. Consult with a healthcare professional if unsure.
  • Impaired Abilities: Refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming cannabis edibles. The effects can significantly impair abilities and reaction times.

Indulge in the journey with Litty Bites, but remember to consume responsibly and within personal limits. Experience the blissful side of life – where every bite is an adventure into unparalleled delight.


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